2017 Goals + Striped Turtleneck

Striped Turtleneck and Leopard Scarf

This striped turtleneck has quickly become a favorite in my closet! It is the perfect lightweight piece to wear alone or layer with during a Louisiana winter. 🙂  I love the mustard yellow color and jumped when I saw it was 50% off the sale price making it a whopping $15 bucks.  That’s a good price for J.Crew! Basics like this striped turtleneck are so valuable to have in your closet as you build a wardrobe to last from season to season.  They are an instant classic and never will go out of style.  There is something about the simplicity of them that make them that much more attractive.

So earlier in the week, I talked about my thoughts for the new year and my goals.  Today I am going to share them with you!  It has taken me all week to think and ponder what I want to be my resolutions.  I try not to pick too many.  I also thought about the different roles of my life, wife, mom, my job etc.  This helps me look and evaluate each area.  Here ya go!

Mom: Read to G EVERY night before bed.

Health: Make time each Sunday to cook healthy snack options for the week. Exercise 3 days a week.  The exercise part has been so difficult for me the past year.  I lost my baby weight but I literally have no muscle tone in my legs.  I’m determined to fix that!! If you have favorite dvds send them my way!

Wife: We are really bad at date nights, so this year my goal is twice a month to schedule a night where Chris and I can spend time together without G!

Blog: Grow my Pinterest as a source for more traffic to my blog.   I do not mind admitting that  I am basically starting from scratch on how to accomplish this! It seems overwhelming, but it’s a challenge  I am ready for!

Spiritual: Journal my quiet time at least 2 days a week.  I get so much more out of my devotion time when I actually put the pen to paper!

So there you have it! I’m going to hang these up in my office area as a visual reminder of what I want work on in 2017! What are your goals?  Do you set resolutions?

I hope your weekend is lovely! Thanks again for stopping by!

Striped Turtleneck and Leopard Scarf

Striped Turtleneck and Leopard Scarf

Striped Turtleneck and Leopard Scarf

Striped Turtleneck and Leopard Scarf

Striped Turtleneck and Leopard Scarf

Jack Rogers Bootie. The most comfortable bootie ever!



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