5 Favorite Baby Items For New Moms


As an expectant mom last summer, I was completely lost when it came to what items I needed for my baby. There are so many options out there as far as strollers and car seats go that the choices seemed overwhelming. Today, I thought I would share with you my 5 favorite baby items that have been life savers for me these first few months of mommyhood.

The first item you see is the nasal aspirator. I laughed when my husband brought this home and swore I would never use it. The idea of putting something in my mouth as I sucked my baby’s nose seemed so gross and weird. Fast forward 1 momth later to when George got RSV and I was so thankful I had that handy little booger sucker on standby! Rest assured, you are completely protected from sucking any junk into your mouth. It really works so much better than the bulb syringe they give you at the hospital and it’s better for your baby’s nose as far as not drying it out as bad.

The second item is the Ubbi Diaper Pail. I tossed around the idea of totally skipping out on getting any type of diaper pail because I had heard conflicting remarks about the usefulness of them. I also did not want something that I had to buy special bags for because let’s be real diaper and wipes cost enough! 🙂 The Ubbi Diaper Pail is a stainless steel pail that prevents any odors from sinking in unlike the plastic Diaper Genie. For me, it holds almost a weeks worth of diapers and blocks the odor completely. You can also use regular trash bags!

The third item that I am completely hooked on is the MyBaby Sound Spa. It’s a white noise machine that goes continuously and has various sounds like the ocean and rain, plus traditional lullaby songs. It also has a picture projector that keeps George intrigued! 🙂 I have to say, since George has been sleeping in our room, I’m quite hooked on going to sleep with it on now too!

The fourth item is the NogginStik light up rattle. Since one of my friends gave this to George around Christmas time he has continued gravitating towards this toy more than any other. Today, he was so angry playing with it because he couldn’t get it in his mouth lol! It lights up with 3 different colors and has different textures that he likes to feel, plus the mirror on the bottom always catches his little eyes!

The final item is the Halo Sleepsack. George never liked his arms swaddled so this sleepsack has been perfect since day 1. I still use it at night now that he is sleeping in his crib to keep him from kicking his legs all over and waking himself up. It also is comforting to know it provides a little extra warmth since I can’t cover him up in a blanket. So far he hasn’t rolled over on his tummy yet in it either which for me makes me breathe a little easier.

I hope these items help you decide as you pick out items for your precious little one. Let me know if you have any questions about any of them! Have a great weekend!


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