Ask McKenna: 10 Essentials For Every Mom’s Closet

Happy Friday ya’ll! This week flew by and I’m looking forward to the weekend and spending time with my husband who has had insane hours this week.

For today’s Ask McKenna post, I received a question about what 10 items should be in a mom’s closet. As I am getting closer to becoming a mom and meeting my little boy, this was a fantastic question that got me thinking. Most mom’s are so busy focusing on their little one’s that they do not have much time for themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself completely! Between spit up and nursing your babies here are items/outfits that are easy to throw into the wash and comfortable to wear on your play dates and running around town. I also included this cute printed wrap dress for a special date night. Wrap dresses are so forgiving if you haven’t gotten the baby weight completely off plus they are easy for the nursing mom.

Below you will find the four accessories that any mom should have. These can be mixed and matched with most of the outfits above to create various looks. All of these items can be found under the **[Shop](** tab.

I hope these essentials make it into your closet, I would love to hear from some of your mom’s what your consider as an essential in your daily outfits/closet. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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