Boyfriend Jeans & Gingham Shoes

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was relaxing and for the first time in a month we didn’t have to house hunt. Fingers crossed that today our inspection will go smoothly and we will be able to get the house we have an offer on! I’m so ready to buy things for the nursery and get everything ready for our little boy to arrive.

Today’s post is a simple outfit paired with these fabulous **[Ja Vie Gingham shoes](**. These shoes are as comfortable as they look. With a jelly lining on the outside that makes these flats super flexible and water proof to the leather lining on the inside that is ultra padded these shoes will be my go to shoe during the summer months. As my belly continues to grow I find myself gravitating towards flats anyways. My balance is a little off these days that I don’t trust myself completely with heels! It’s the perfect shoe to accompany a casual**[boyfriend jean](** and **[white blouse](** outfit not to mention this gorgeous **[Bloom and Grace pearl necklace](**!


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