Clothes to Help Dads Stay Cool This Summer


Summer’s coming fast and there’s a good chance you haven’t bought any warm weather clothes since last year. With the heat nearly here, it’s time to find some new shorts and shirts to stay (and look) cool this season. These are a few of the best trends for fathers to follow so they can look great all summer long.

Sandals are In for 2016

One fashion trend for this year that’s sure to have dads everywhere celebrating is the popularity of sandals. Sure, it may seem like a no-brainer that sandals would be popular for summer, but they’ve been just as big on runways as they have been on the beaches. According to one post, all styles from straps to flip-flops are game for summer 2016. Still, we’re not sure if we’re totally okay with the socks-with-sandals trend.

A Good Polo is Your Best Friend

One of the keys to dad-fashion is that you don’t want to stand out; you just want to look good. Going incognito in the fashion world is key for a father and there are few shirts quite as a simple (but essential) as the polo. Sometimes a collar is all you need to step up your game, and a nice polo perfectly straddles that line between comfortable and business-casual. We found some perfect inspirations for polos on this site with a variety of fun colors in blues, greens and teals that are sure to look great in the summer months without being too loud. Whether you’re going to the office or taking the kids to the park, the right shirt leaves you looking good without drawing any unwanted attention.

Go for Plaid When Rocking Prints

One of the most popular patterns for both men and women has easily been plaid and it’s hard to argue with such a classic. Among these has been the ubiquitous checkered pattern also know as the buffalo plaid. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other options besides the usual red-and-black so you don’t necessarily have to look like a lumberjack to cash in on this trend. This list of buffalo plaid home accessories highlights a ton of different color combinations and ideas you can try to make the most of this iconic pattern while it’s in vogue.

Stay Cool With Cargo Short

Cargo shorts unfairly get a bad reputation. An article “in defense of the cargo short” points out that the shorts are perfect for everyday wear and when you’re a dad, sometimes you just need something that gets the job done. Between chasing the kids around, mowing the lawn, fixing the car, and then getting around to cleaning out the gutters, you want clothes that are both durable and comfortable. While we definitely don’t recommend wearing them to work or on a date with the wife, you’d be hard pressed to find a better all-purpose short for the dog days of summer.



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