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For years I have struggled with a combination of dry scalp and a build up of products in my hair leading to little flakes all over my head.  When Dessange Paris reached out and asked me to try their products for oily hair I jumped at the chance.  The 2 products I tried were the pre shampoo mask for my scalp and the purifying clay shampoo.

First up, the mask.  I have used facial masks before but never a hair mask so I was intrigued.  The mask itself is made from green clay and rids the scalp of product build up and decreases the amount of oil.  Beware when you try it you will look like a weird green being with a bunch of goup on your head!  You apply the mask with the brush they give you to your scalp and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Then you get in the shower, rinse and wash with the shampoo.  The mask has a cool like feeling and as you massage it into your scalp dries slightly.

Second, the shampoo.  I love trying various hair products and this shampoo did not disappoint.  It’s concentrated formula makes a little go a long way.  I could tell immediately that my hair felt less greasy.  After trying the combination for several times, I think I have found my newest favorite beauty ritual in that hair mask!  It has helped balance my scalp and has definitely helped eliminate the little flakes that I used to have in my hair.  My husband can no longer tease my about being an old lady with dandruff.  😉

If you are anxious to try these products, head to your local Target and give them a try to click the links below! Happy Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by.



    • March 14, 2016 / 12:59 am

      I was intrigued too! It really is a great product!

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