Encouraging Someone With Cancer + Sweepstakes Opportunity

This post is sponsored by World Market but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

I can remember the moment like yesterday. The doctor called me to the back after my mom had her first colonstomy at 51 and told me he had found something he thought was cancer. My heart froze. Those are words you never want to hear. My dad had just left to head to work and I was going to drive my mom home. I was alone and terrified. My poor mom was still half out of it but she understood enough and her face said it all. We both got in the car and did not say much. My mom is super healthy,organic, mostly vegetarian, no sugar and drinks just water and green tea. Colon cancer should have been something someone else got, but not her.

The next few days were agony as we waited for the results. I can remember her and I sitting at the breakfast table before I left for class fighting back tears as she said if it was the worst case scenario she was ready to go but worried about us, her 4 kids and my dad. There was not much I could do except cry with her and wrap her in a giant hug. The results came back that it was cancer and she would need to have sugery to remove the cancer to determine what stage it was in. More waiting. She was quickly scheduled for sugergy. When the results came back after the sugery, the doctor told us to our relief that it was stage one and no further treatment was needed. We all thanked God and breathed a sigh of relief. My mom goes back yearly for check ups and tells everyone she knows to get checked. Had she waited any longer she could have faced a different scenario.

I can remember during those waiting days and days after her sugery when she was recovering how important cards and phone calls were to her. Gifts are great but there is something about the power of the written and spoken word that resonates with individuals during a crisis like cancer. They take special thought and come from the heart. Today I have partnered up with the World Market for their campaign with the American Cancer Society to create a thoughtful “banner” like craft to encourage the loved ones going thru cancer. This easy craft is perfect for your children to help with and they can add their own notes to it. I included inspirational quotes and religious verses on mine. The beauty of this craft is you can include whatever encouraging thoughts you want! This banner is super easy to create with the World Market gift tags of your choice and pretty ribbon. I wrote all the encoarging notes out first on the tags and cut a slit thru the ribbon on which to tie the tag. This project took 15 minutes and I am sure would encourage anyone fighting cancer. I found all my products, including this adorable farmhouse chalkboard at my local Covington World Market. If you are looking for a great gift idea, consider this terrarium filled with faux succulents. I absolutely love succulents and for someone who is sick these faux succulents stay gorgeous 24/7 with no care involoved. They look so life like too! You can find your local World Market here to snag all these affordable and terrific products.

World Market has teamed up with the American Cancer Society for a fabulous sweepstakes opportunity. World Market’s Amazing Women Sweepstakes include the following.

You can enter for a chance to win a $2,500 World Market shopping spree for you and a $2,500 shopping spree for an amazing woman in your life. Enter by 6/4/17.

Three First Prizes: $500 World Market gift card

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Dazzle & Donate

In May, buy your favorite jewelry and 10% of the sales price, up to $10,000, will be contributed to the American Cancer Society. There are so many great gift ideas for your loved ones.


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