My Favorite Pinterest Recipes For Toddlers

When it comes to Pinterest, there are so many recipes you can try. Today I have rounded up my favorite Pinterest recipes for toddlers. These are the ones I reach for again and again to fill of George’s belly and ours as well! When you find something that works for your husband and baby, you keep them! These are one pan meals which is an added bonus in my book. When we move I will be budgeting a little tighter for groceries, so I am looking out for cheap yet healthy meals. These Pinterest recipes for toddlers fit the bill.

Gnocchi and Chicken – This delicious one pan dinner is a new favorite. It is creamy and hearty. My husband does not like mushrooms so I substituted tomatoes for them. Purchasing a rotisserie chicken makes this meal come together is about 20 minutes. It is sooo easy!! If you are new to gnocchi, this is a perfect way to introduce this delicious pasta.

Shepherd’s Pie – George literally inhales this dish. I am a huge fan of mashed potatoes and this dish defines comfort food. Traditionally shepherd’s pie uses lamb, but to keep things a little cheaper I use ground turkey. We love it!

Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole – I grew up with my mom making a chicken, brocoli rice casserole and this is a spin off that. I love that this recipe leaves out the unhealthy canned soups. The creamy sauce made with yogurt is so good! My husband is picky when it comes to quinoa but he said this was the first dish he actually like with it! Win!

Black Bean and Rice Casserole – This is a new recipe I recently tried and it is so so good. Generally I serve this with fajita style chicken. It is extra yummy if you add a little ranch dressing on top! 🙂 George really really likes this dish!

I would love to hear of your favorite pinterest recipes! I hope each of you has a great Memorial Day weekend. My little niece is turning 1 tomorrow so we are celebrating her and then will head to my in laws for a cook out later! Family is the best part of 3 day weekends in my opinion! XO!


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