My Favorite Summer Skin and Hair Products

My Summer Skin and Hair Favorites

My Summer Skin and Hair Favorites

My Summer Skin and Hair Favorites

Today I thought it would be fun to round up a few of my favorite summer skin and hair products. These are products that I have used over the last few weeks and that I have come to love. I am a big fan of natural products that cut down on chemicals. These products meet that criteria. Let’s jump in.

1. My shower routine received a serious upgrade when I started using these Organic Simply Scrub body scrubs (here). To say that I am obsessed with the rose body scrub is an understatement. If you watch my Instastories, you have seen me rave about it. You literally smell like roses when you get out of the shower. I love that the scrubs are not too abrasive but are full of essential oils that hydrate the skin enough that you can skip the moisturizer when you get out! A mom win for sure in my book.

2. Who doesn’t want bright skin in the summer?! I know that is the one goal I have been working towards with my skin. I recently tried this O.R.G. Mineral Peel Face (here). I love that this products does the job without irritating your skin. The 3 key ingredients are milk thistle, retinol and angelica extract. These work to purify and smooth the skin. You simply spray it on your face, allow it to sit for 3 minutes and then in a circular motion massage your skin and watch all the impurities fall off. Magic!

3. A new line that I have recently tried is TruFora (here). I tried their Night Serum 85 and Triple Action Exfoliator. Both are amazing. The Night Serum 85 is newly patented and it’s the only skin care serum to deliver the preventative, corrective and rejuvenate anti-aging properties of retinol, without containing any retinol ingredients or associated side effects. I have seen tremendous benefits from using both of these products. My skin feels smoother and firmer.

4. We all know that the skin beneath our eyes can use a little love. This Eye C Eye Care from Dermaware (here) is my new favorite eye cream. It does the job without feeling overly greasy and heavy. The product is quickly absorbed into the skin. It even goes well under my foundation. This botanically rich cream is gentle and great to use for sensitive skin.

5. My hair ALWAYS needs a little TLC and Purology just happens to be my favorite shampoo (here). I love that this is a silicone free formula, meaning your hair is not weighted down. It is moisturing but not in a way that makes your hair greasy! I love this shampoo and the wonderful smell makes it addicting!

So there you have it. My summer favorite skin and hair products. I would love to hear what you are loving these days! I hope you have a great weekend! xo


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