A Fresh Thought On Motherhood

The day in and day out work of motherhood can easily get me down some days. It is a never ending job that is both beautiful and exhausting. Recently, I was pondering my life. In years past I have been involved in helping out with the children’s program at church and volunteering at our Crisis Pregnancy Center. These things have made me feel like I was ‘doing something’ for God.

When I became a mom, I took a break from these volunteer positions. I wanted to focus on this new life and spending as much time as possible with my new baby. Recently, I have missed giving my time and hopefully helping others. Last week I was thinking about ways I could get back involved. I prayed about it and as fitting as it was, Sunday’s sermon at our church was answering God’s call for whatever He may be asking us to do. I went home and prayed more and asked God on Sunday night to show me what I needed to be doing.

Monday morning, I got up, made a cup of tea and sat down to have my devotional time. The passage for the day was in 1 Timothy 5. I was reading along when a verse popped out to me. In verses 9 and 10 Timothy was talking about widows. In verse 10 he goes through a few of the good works that should be a part of a wife’s life/character. One of those good works is bringing up children. All of the sudden, I saw motherhood in a completely different light. I have been trying to ‘do something’ for God again, when raising my one year little boy is what obviously God has called me to do right now. That’s not to say I can’t volunteer and do anything else, but raising my child is considered a good work! Wow!

This week, I have had a completely different attitude when G is whining for the 100th time or spits out his food again. My job as a mother is a good work to God. My attitude as a mother should reflect that since God judges our hearts. Our good works should be carried out in a way that is void of drudgery and self pity. They should be carried out in love and joy at the privilege we have to serve God. So next time momma you are tired and just do not think you can make it another day, hour, remember you are serving God by raising and loving your children. I am prone to look outside my home for serving others when my home is the very place I should be!

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