Open Front Vest & Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate


This open front vest is hands down my favorite and best purchase this season. The countless ways you can wear it and the versatility in what you can wear it with, makes it a winner. I have already worn it over a dress, with leggings and my skinny jeans. This open front vest is definitely a piece you need in your closet. I could not find the exact one online, so I hope you can pick it up at your Gap.

Over Thanksgiving, my sister and her family were able to visit from Charleston. George loved playing with his cousins! During the week, we hit up New Orleans and tried the new restaurant Willa Jean. I had heard great reviews and had wanted to try it. It did not disappoint. I mean, when peanut butter hot chocolate is involved, how can it?! The bakery goods look amazing and is something I definitely want to go back and try. Willa Jean serves up southern food that we all love. Yes and they serve a peanut butter hot chocolate. Do not even get me started! All I can say was it tasted like a liquid Reese’s cup. If you go, you must try it!

After stuffing ourselves we headed to the French Quarter where we snapped these pictures. A special thank you to my brother in law, Kirk for taking these shots and putting up with George changing positions every few seconds! 🙂 Family is my favorite part of the holidays. My sisters and brother both live away and I treasure the time I get with them! My sister Bradley is pictured here. She is a fantastic make up artist, classical pianist, mother and the one who always keeps us laughing when we are together! Some of you might not know, but I am one of quadruplets. Growing up, Bradley and I were the ones always playing dress up and mommy to our baby dolls, while my other sister and brother were out playing football in the yard. As we grew up, Bradley and I would fight over clothes and always seemed to want the same item when out shopping. I guess some things never change because she went out and bought this open front vest while she was here! 🙂 One day, I hope we can all live close again and watch our children grow up. For now, we will soak up every holiday together and eagerly anticipate our next visit!

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Open Front Vest


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