This Is The Journey Of Motherhood

The Journey Of Motherhood

George is going to be 10 months old on Monday and I can hardly believe it.  This journey of motherhood has grown me in ways I never thought possible.  As a small girl I would hold my dolls dreaming of the day I became a mommy and wondering what it would feel like to hold my own baby.

Motherhood is a complex journey.  You are suddenly thrust into this new life. No matter how many books you have read or other moms opinions you have received, it comes down to figuring it all out on your own.  Those quiet mornings are no longer so quiet.  An alarm clock is a thing of the past.  You know that cute little baby of yours is most definitely going to wake you up long before you are ready.  Most mornings start off by me sitting up in bed declaring one day I am going to sleep all day.  Obviously that day isn’t today.  You roll out of bed, nurse or grab a bottle, fix breakfast, change multiple diapers and dry tears.  You realize it isn’t even 8 am.

Somehow the mornings fly by, it’s lunch time.  You coax your baby into their high chair with a basket of toys on the table. Your attempts of encouraging him  to feed himself end up with smashed banana all on the floor.  For the millionth time today the floor is wiped clean, hands are washed and you head back into the play room.   Books are read and blocks are stacked.  

One more hour till nap time.  You walk around outside.   Your baby smiles broadly as you push him in the swing.  That is the smile you live for.   That smile tells you you are doing something right when it feels like you are not.  Finally it is nap time, a time to catch your breath, brush your teeth and get out of your pajamas.  Those two hours are the fastest part of your day.  With the house put back in order, laundry done and dinner started you are ready to take on the afternoon.

You realize nap time is over as your baby bounces in his crib.  Smiles and outstretched arms greet you as you walk in. No matter how long the morning was, that makes everything worth it.  After a quick snack it is back outside.  You turn on the outside faucet and let your baby play to his hearts content.  The giggling and baby talk you want to forever be etched in your mind.  A little stroll around the block, more playtime and suddenly your day is almost over.  

Bath time isn’t complete without plenty of bubbles and toys.  Dinner is finished with just as much sweet potato on the floor as there were bananas.  Pajamas are put on and a story is read.  Kisses and prayers are given and the light is shut off. The day is nearly finished.  Your bedtime moves up by a good hour just to get the sleep you have longed for all day.  You know tomorrow will start bright and early.

This is the journey of motherhood.  You cannot get the sweet moments without the hard ones.    In the hard moments I remind myself this journey isn’t forever.  Every morning I get to choose to pour my heart and soul into this little person that God has given me. One day he grow up, leave home and I will just want this journey back!

The Journey Of Motherhood

The Journey Of Motherhood

The Journey Of Motherhood


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