Awesome Tips For Keeping Up With Your Mom Life

Awesome Tips For Keeping Up With Your Mom Life by New York lifestyle blogger Style Waltz

Clearly if you follow my Instagram, you have seen that I have been majorly slacking on keeping up with my mom life. I used to be super organized before I had George and even up until a few months ago. However, something changed recently and I really do not know exactly what, but I just cannot seem to catch up! Today, I am going to share with you a few tips I am trying to incorporate into my mom life right now to ease the stress and help me stay on top of my to do list.

I would say the hardest areas for me to maintain right now are, cooking (duh!), laundry, ironing and blogging. The feeling as though my to do list is never ending can be overwhelming and I really cannot imagine how you moms with multiple kiddos do it! From the time George wakes up at 6:00 till he goes to bed around 7:00 I feel as though I do not stop. Oh yeah, I don’t! 😉 George is definitely at that clingy stage and cleaning my house which isn’t huge, takes 4 hours on Friday because I am constantly stopping, playing and working in a continuous cycle!

Let’s tackle two of my least favorite first, laundry and ironing. I am not sure that any woman necessarily likes to do laundry. One of the things that has helped me stay on top of it, is making laundry day once a week. My sister always asks how in the world I do that. I think just having one baby probably has something to do with it! I make sure we all have 1 1/2 weeks worth of undies, white t shirts for my husband and pajamas for George that way I can stretch the laundry day to just once a week. Friday is my laundry day and that is when I typically do 4 loads back to back. Knocking it all out in one day also enables me to fold and put it up later in the afternoon. That is the part I absolutely hate, BUT I finally figured out if I take it immediately out of the dryer and fold and put everything up, I do not have it hanging over my head all week. It also eliminates trips to the dryer to get clean clothes out when we are out! 🙂

Ironing. It is hands down my least favorite. When we were first married, I tried for 2 weeks to iron all of Chris’ work shirts and I saw I would much rather skip out of Starbucks and put the money towards dry cleaning them! The best decision ever! With that being said, there is always something of mine that needs to be ironed and now all of George’s little church clothes need it as well. This is where having a great iron like a Rowenta DW3180 Steam Care comes in handy. My Rowenta iron is my absolutely favorite. It runs on intelligence technology, thus eliminating the need to change the setting for whatever type of fabric you are ironing. Genius! The 350 microsteam holes allow for perfect distribution of the steam allowing you to iron your clothes quickly and in less time. I highly recommend it! To keep up with ironing I have learned when I change out my closet from summer to fall I iron everything before I hang it up. That way I am off to a good start and can just iron the pieces when I wash them instead of having an entire closet that is full of wrinkles!

Next up cooking. I love to cook. There is something relaxing about turning on music and zoning out while delicious aromas fill the kitchen. That was before George. Now it is more like a race to get everything chopped and in the pan before he completely falls a part. One way I get my week off to a better for sane start is on Sunday afternoons cooking up a big batch of roasted veggies and a large dish that will feed us a couple of nights. It is amazing how much better I feel going into the week with food in the fridge ready to go.

Finally blogging. Blogging is something that I used to be so on top of up until recently. I am changing my strategy to make sure I stay on track by blocking off one Saturday afternoon to head to a local coffee shop and put my posts together for two weeks. Then the next Saturday I take and edit all my photos. With this plan I am hoping to stay on schedule and be more organized. Of course I will let you know how it goes! 🙂 If you other bloggers have tips let me know!

I hope you have a great Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by.

Awesome Tips For Keeping Up With Your Mom Life by New York lifestyle blogger Style Waltz

Awesome Tips For Keeping Up With Your Mom Life by New York lifestyle blogger Style Waltz

Awesome Tips For Keeping Up With Your Mom Life by New York lifestyle blogger Style Waltz


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